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Book cover for Ralph del Valle’s novel Insularidad. This is the original cover intended for the book which unfortunately didn’t make it to the shelves due to editorial policies. Still, there’s hope that some day there will be a reprint and the cover I designed will be used.


The book is comprised of several passages that deal with the evolution of the main character’s issues, and how running serves as a cathartic release. There’s a leitmotif where every man is conceived as an island, drifting and isolated and their journeys running through the streets of any city will define them and make them aware of their own nature and conciousness.


The idea with the cover was to portray the runner’s evolution and how through running our main character develops a better self understanding. I digitally drew the two versions of the island and used different masks and effects to fuse them together.

You can buy the book (in spanish) here.

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